Top 12 Reasons Why YOU Should Move to Fort Myers, Florida

Why You Should Move to Fort Myers Florida

If you’ve recently visited Fort Myers, Florida or are even thinking about moving down here to either live full or part time, you aren’t alone. Fort Myers, Florida is touted as one of the fastest growing cities in both Florida and United States in general.

As a relatively new Floridian myself, Fort Myers caught my attention for its prime location and cost of living compared to some other comparable cities.

Living here for quite a few years now, I compiled 12 reasons why YOU, should consider moving down and start enjoying some of the beautiful Sunshine States.

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Top 12 Reasons to Move, TODAY

Without further a-do, let’s get into the list of the 12 VERY IMPORTANT reasons that I think will out Fort Myers and likely the surrounding areas as well, on your list of cities to relocate to

#12. There's NO State Income Tax

no income tax in florida

The state of Florida is known for having some of the lowest cost burdens across the entire nation. If you are moving out of a tax-heavy state such as California, Hawaii, New York, or a few other heavy-handed tax traps, you could save up to 15% in your annual income by relocating here and making Florida your home base.

For example: Make $100,000 per year but have to give up 5% to your state’s government? Say goodbye to $5,000 that you could end up keeping by moving here.

There are a handful of other states that do the same, but come-on, it’s no competition, we have a lot going for us here!

#11. Fort Myers is GREAT for Retirement

a great place to retire

From over 150 metropolitan cities ranked and rated, most of the top 7 cities are located in Florida. Fort Myers (not far from Naples) was actually rated as #6 best city to retire in according to US News & World Report.

Just 40 minutes north of Naples, Fort Myers has the median housing average of $296,624. In addition to that, the median age of the residents living here is 40.6 years of age. Compare that to Naples (which came as #2 best place to retire) and their median housing is a whopping $444,584. Not to mention the average age of residents is 66.

#10. Fort Myers has a lot of job opportunities

a lot of job opportunities in Fort Myers

This one hits home a lot because when me and my family moved down, we were looking for work. There’s a wide range of jobs that are trade oriented such as HVAC, Pool Technicians, Electricians, Plumbers, Landscapers, Automotive Technicians, Movers and Junk Haulers. 

Fort Myers has a large portion of jobs coming from multiple government organizations, and unsurprisingly, Publix Supermarket stores.

#9. A great place to start and grow a small business

doing business here

With the growing population and high season which starts at around fall goes through winter time, Fort Myers is one of the best cities in the country to start your business. 

Out of 1,200 small cities across the nation, Fort Myers ranked #8 on the list according to Wallethub. Taken into account are things like labor cost, investor access, number of small businesses in the area and lastly, the average growth.

NOTE: After living here for a few years and falling in love with the area, we started our own junk removal business. We provide junk removal in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, Estero and Bonita Springs. 

#8. Top notch beach access to Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel Island/Captiva

beaches of Fort Myers

Come spend any reasonable period of time here in Fort Myers and you’ll see some of the best beaches in Florida has to offer. First and foremost are Fort Myers Beach, also a designed are of Lee county.

With a narrow two-lane road that takes you up and down the beach, you’ll see beautiful condominiums, restaurants, and stores.

If your in the mood for shelling, look no further than Sanibel and Captiva Island. People from across the country come here to find some of the highest quality sea shells not only in looks but size also.

#7. Fort Myers is a fantastic place for outdoor activities

places for outdoor activities in Lee county

If you ask the average resident, most would say they admire the beautiful beaches and weather that come with living in Fort Myers. One lesser-known fact is that Fort Myers is home to great outdoor destinations that even the biggest outdoors enthusiast can be impressed.

Year round, Fort Myers is touted as one of the best places to go fishing for Spanish Mackerel, Mangrove Snapper, and Redfish.

Not to worry, if fishing isn’t your thing, you can rent a boat, learn to paddle board, kayak through some of the many shallow canals found throughout the area or simply charter a boat, and go for a cruise.

When it comes to hiking, there’s the Black Island Trail, Estero Bay Preserve State Park and Lovers Key State Park.

#6. There's a plethora of dining options just in Fort Myers alone

places to eat in fort myers

If you love food, you’ll love what Fort Myers has to offer.

Aside for the chain fast food and restaurants like McDonalds, Chick Fil-A, Chili’s, and many others, there’s a wide selection country-specific restaurant that are likely to match your taste buds needs.

Want Indian food? There’s more than a dozen places to choose from. Want Thai, Vietnamese, or even German, there’s at least a few to choose from.

Now, if you want a luxurious experience (4 to 5 stars), how about a few places including: Ocean Prime, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine, Maverick Grill, and a dozen others. There are options!

#5. Many different events to check out


If you’re looking to become part of a community, celebrate or attend events in Fort Myers, there’s a few different ones that happen monthly and yearly. One that is worth considering is the Farmers Market happens once per week (on Thursdays) in Centennial park, west of Caloosahatchee Bridge. You can find everything from local produce, seafood, baked goods, honey, nuts, cheese, flowers, plants, and so much more.

How about some art, on the first weekend in February, the “ArtFest” enlivens the Fort Myers waterfront with art and various activities (mostly catered to children).

There’s also an event called Taste of Lee, Fort Myers Boat Show, and a at least a dozen others that I don’t have time to get into here.

#4. Fort Myers has many golf courses

Golfcourse in Fort Myers

Retirement and golfing often go hand in hand. With a handful of impressive golf courses, you are bound to find one that meets your needs. To name a few, here are some of the more popular ones in the area:

#1. The Golf Club at Magnolia Landings
#2. Varandah Golf Club
#3. Shell Point Golf Club

#3. Fort Myers has an International Airport

Southwest International Airport

Fort Myers has a small town feel, yet has well over 100,000 residents (not including others within Lee county). The one thing that is GREAT for all residents within Lee and Collier county is there’s an international airport called Southwest Florida International (Code: RSW). This airport has many non-stop flights throughout the country, including a few in Canada and one in Germany (Frankfurt).

On average, expect a drive that will be 15-25 minutes from most parts of Fort Myers… depending on the traffic of course.

#2. There's quote a few choices for Colleges and Universities

universities and colleges in Fort myers

Not only is Fort Myers a great place to start a family, it’s a great place to raise a family well into adulthood. If you have kids or are someone who needs some options for which school to attend, there’s a few unique options located in Fort Myers.

  • Florida Gulfcoast University
  • Florida Southwest College
  • Southern Technical College
  • Hodges University
  • Keiser University

and a few others. Housing in Fort Myers is on the lower end so having a place to live during your schooling (if off-campus) is do-able.

#1. Fort Myers is only 2 hours from Miami and Tampa

to miami and to tampa is similar distance from fort myers

One thing that Fort Myers does not offer is a “city” life. There’s a lot of people living here, but it does not scream CITY.

The good news is that you are only 2 hours from Miami and Tampa coming from Fort Myers. The drive up north to Tampa is quite peaceful and you’ll pass many small towns along the way. Much the same thing with the drive to Miami/Fort Lauderdale when you come across the Everglades via I-75.

For the weekend of city fun, Miami is your best bet. Shop and explore the city and then drive back the much quieter and cheaper to live, Fort Myers!

Is Fort Myers the right place for you?

Hopefully, the list of reasons to give you a nudge to move to Fort Myers. Since moving here, personally I have grown to love the area and appreciate everything there is to the area.

Before you go, can you leave a COMMENT below with your reasons why you want to move to Fort Myers or maybe if you have a question about moving down. As a local, I’m happy to help!

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